Profile of The Ocean Corporation

The Big Commercial Diving School in Texas

The Ocean Corporation has consistently been a top choice for commercial diving students over the years. Since its establishment in 1969, The Ocean Corporation has proven itself to be an expert in the field of commercial diving and non-destructive (NDT) testing career training. Ocean Corp is situated within 300 miles of many of the largest diving and NDT companies in the world. It based on the Gulf Coast, with its Houston facilities leased to local diving firms for equipment tests, as well as ABS/USCG inspection certification projects.

Welding Programs

Diving and Welding Programs 

With its strong and undisputed track record in the industry, Ocean Corp has been capable of offering top level underwater welding programs and NDT seminars. There are also classes offered for respective utility and oil industry clients, including local NAUI, PADI, and YMCA diving groups.

A student of Ocean Corp can expect to spend less than a year to build a career in commercial diving or non-destructive testing. At The Ocean Corporation you will be given the opportunity to learn to weld at a school that combines one the world’s premier surface welding programs, underwater welding schools, and comprehensive commercial diving schools.

Like the Commercial Diving Academy, which was profiled on this blog last week, the Ocean Corporation is located in the same region as many of the industry’s largest employers. Ocean Corp’s excellent location and facilities help it to standout from other underwater welding schools. Ocean Corp’s 4.2-acre campus in Houston houses a world class dive tank training complex, two decompression chambers, diving bell, and NDT inspection projects and equipment. Training for their Offshore Survival & Safety program and all other open water diving activities take place in in Galveston, Texas. Ocean Corp shares the Galveston space with Texas A&M University.

Student Support

Ocean Corp aims to provide world-class training for future divers, but it also while helping to make sure that students have the support necessary to manage their day-to-day activities. Accordingly, Ocean Corp offers a number of benefits for its students, such as part-time or full-time work, housing or apartment assistance, free on-site parking during school hours, and most important of all, job placement assistance to help students get their diving careers off to a strong start.

Financial Aid is also available to Ocean Corp’s students. Students who are interested in acquiring such financial help from Ocean Corp will need to talk to their designated Financial Aid Advisor to discuss the specific details and availability. Students will be able to set up appointments with their dedicated financial aid advisors either via phone or in person, whichever is more convenient for the student.

Students are regularly given the opportunity to meet and network with industry insiders while they are enrolled in Ocean Corp’s programs; however, the school makes sure that its service to diving students does not end at graduation. As mentioned above, the school goes to great lengths to help its graduates find employers right after finishing their courses. The schools long history in the industry as well as its proximity to some of the country’s largest oil and natural gas drilling operations has surely helped it get a leg up in securing the best possible connections and career opportunities for its graduates.

Ocean Corporation Achievements

The Ocean Corporation’s many achievements in the commercial diving sector have been the basis of their strong reputation. The following accomplishments are just a few of the reasons why the school has been able to gain such a strong reputation during its decades-long history:
• First commercial bell diver training program in the USA – 1972
• Performed first operational dives inside a US nuclear plant – 1973
• First dive school to include surface welding as standard part of diver training – 1979
• First NDT/Inspection Diver training program in the USA – 1980
• First dive school to include HAZMAT/Nuclear diving training – 1989
• Founded the National Association of Diver Medical Technicians, NADMT
• Contributed to development of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) training standards for entry level commercial divers
• Offshore Survival & Safety are done in Galveston, where the school shares the Marine Sciences Campus with Texas A&M University – 1987

A Brief History of Ocean Corp

The Ocean Corporation’s rich history has allowed its strong reputation to remain unparalleled even as the number of commercial diving schools and underwater welding schools has steadily grown throughout the decades. The school originally started operating as a diver training facility in Houston, Texas in September 1969. By April 1971, Ocean Corp had sealed a joint venture agreement with the firm Oceaneering International, Inc. and consequently, the company gained capacity to expand their programs to include international offshore oilfield diver training.

Less than a year after, in March 1972, Ocean Corp was able to buy Oceaneering’s interest in the joint venture and again became an independent commercial diver training school. Before the year ended, Ocean Corp was able to launch its Diving Operations and Inspection Division and started offering programs specializing in inland and nuclear power plant diving and inspection services.

Share Your Experiences with Ocean Corp

If you happen to be an alumnus of Ocean Corp or a former trainer or employee, please share your experiences with the institution in the comment box below. Your personal encounters are highly valuable to potential students of Ocean Corp and its aspiring employees. For outsiders of Ocean Corp, do not hesitate to post your questions in the comment box, or in the forums section of the website, we’ll try to find answers to your questions.

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