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Profile of International Diving Institute

Learn to Dive in South Carolina

The International Diving Institute (IDI) in, Charleston, South Carolina, is among the fairly well established underwater welding schools — it has been in existence since 1996. Prior to a name change 2004, the school was called East Coast Dive Connection.

The International Diving Institute offers a comprehensive program which trains students in all aspects of commercial diving and underwater welding. The institute offers a 640 hour program, which can be completed in a minimum of 16 weeks. The institute prides themselves on their small class size and personalized instruction, and they claim that all courses will have a maximum of 10 students. The intensive commercial diving courses start on the first Monday of each month and last for 16 weeks.

The institute is located in Charleston, SC, which is consistently rated among the best cities to live in and visit, so if you are planning to attend the institute for several months, at least you will have the advantage of being in a beautiful and historic city, which is more than you can say for many of the other underwater welding schools and commercial diving schools.  The institute doesn’t offer any on-campus housing, but they can provide a list of good housing options that are close to the school.  If you have already read through the Underwater Welding Schools blog and if you’ve been convinced by articles like our post on the rewards of underwater welding schools, than you are probably ready to start looking, and IDI is a great place to start your search!

Commercial Diving Curriculum

The curriculum for their general commercial diving course consists of the following sessions:

  • Orientation…10 Hours
  • Safety Operations for Surface Supplied Diving…18 Hours
  • Diving Physics…25 Hours
  • Anatomy and Physiology…18 Hours
  • Dive Medicine…16 Hours
  • Decompression and Treatment Tables… 60 Hours
  • Hyperbaric Chamber Operations…62 Hours
  • Underwater Tools and Equipment-Part 1…64 Hours
  • Diving Support Equipment…32 Hours
  • Rigging Fundamentals…85 Hours
  • Underwater Tools and Equipment-Part 2…65 Hours
  • Topside Welding & Cutting …60 Hours
  • Underwater Welding and Cutting (Burning)…24 Hours
  • Dive Operations Planning…12 Hours
  • Underwater Tools and Equipment-Part 3…24 Hours
  • Offshore Oilfield Diving and Operations…28 Hours
  • Surface Supplied Mixed Gas Diving and Saturation Diving…32 Hours
  • Employment Assistance…5 Hours

As you can see, the International Diving Institute offers quite a comprehensive program. If your schedule will allow you to get your commercial diving training and underwater welding training all at once, the International Diving Institute may be a good choice for you. Their curriculum offers 84 hours of dedicated welding instruction divided into 60 hours of training in topside welding and cutting, and 24 hours of training in underwater welding and cutting.

Beyond the Diving

The program trains students in all of the essential aspects of commercial diving; however, one of the great benefits of the International Diving Institute program is that they also spend time on some subjects that will be helpful to you when you are looking for underwater welding jobs and commercial diving jobs after graduation. The last 5 hours of the program are dedicated to employment Assistance. In theses sessions, instructors teach skills that are essential for job seekers including resume preparation and launching an effective job search.

Commercial Diving School Advanced Programs

Not only does IDI offer a comprehensive program that gives other commercial diving schools and underwater welding schools a run for their money, they also offer a variety of courses that are more specialized and designed to increase your qualifications for the jobs that you want the most.  For example, they offer an advanced course in underwater wet welding–you may want to include this course if you are sure that underwater welding is the field that you want to find a job in.

They also offer courses that will give you the skills that you will need if you want to find a job in underwater video and photography, hazardous materials handling and response diving, search and recovery techniques, and many other specializations which diving companies are likely to be seeking.  They even have a course for law enforcement divers–basically, no matter  which field you are looking to study in commercial diving school, you are likely to be able to find it at International Diving Institute.

 What Do You Know About International Diving Institute?

This profile is meant to give you a general idea about what you can expect to find at IDI, however, if you have attended IDI, if you work there, or if you have more information about the school, let everyone know in the comments.  As prospective students are making a decision about which underwater welding schools to attend, your information could play a big part in their decision.

Also, If you have a question about IDI, post it in the comments section below– hopefully I or another reader will be able to answer it!

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